Neighborhood Art Collective Episode: Molly

I’ve just been thoroughly enjoying these Neighborhood Arts Collective projects; not only is it amazing to be able to have the opportunity to work with such amazing creative minds, talk about their process, and watch them give birth to new ideas, but it feels so meaningful to make something personal and individualized.

More often than not, when I paint, I spend my working time allowing my mind to touch upon generalized themes and ideas. I frequently think about the dynamics of human behavior, our interactions, love, attachment, devotion, heartbreak, disappointment, growth and expansion. These themes rise unbidden to mind as I’m choosing colors, managing and encouraging shapes and viscosities of the paint, and they continue to coexist with the process as I sit and watch the paint dry. It’s all about intention, you know. Much of the time it feels very personal, and (as much) of the time it feels global, but unless I am creating a specific commission for a client, my attention wanders until it finds a focus. With the Neighborhood Arts Collective projects, I come in to the project focusing laser hot on an individual and really get to dig in to what’s there. 


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