Studio day: revisiting old work and organizing all the things!

I spent yesterday and today (in between cello practice) organizing my paints and going through all my colors to weed out empties and dry tubes. By the way, if you don’t already own a paint wringer... invest in one! They will save you so much time, money, and frustration. (Here’s the one I use....


I’ve also set up my new profile on Vero and have been having fun exploring the community there... if you’ve migrated too, look me up! I love that all the posts are categorized by type. It’ll be a great way to keep track of all the books I read this year 🤓🙃


I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. Go out and make something!  


Neighborhood Art Collective Episode: Molly

I’ve just been thoroughly enjoying these Neighborhood Arts Collective projects; not only is it amazing to be able to have the opportunity to work with such amazing creative minds, talk about their process, and watch them give birth to new ideas, but it feels so meaningful to make something personal and individualized.

More often than not, when I paint, I spend my working time allowing my mind to touch upon generalized themes and ideas. I frequently think about the dynamics of human behavior, our interactions, love, attachment, devotion, heartbreak, disappointment, growth and expansion. These themes rise unbidden to mind as I’m choosing colors, managing and encouraging shapes and viscosities of the paint, and they continue to coexist with the process as I sit and watch the paint dry. It’s all about intention, you know. Much of the time it feels very personal, and (as much) of the time it feels global, but unless I am creating a specific commission for a client, my attention wanders until it finds a focus. With the Neighborhood Arts Collective projects, I come in to the project focusing laser hot on an individual and really get to dig in to what’s there. 


Checkout our latest:

Studio Day: Daylight and Soft Backgrounds

I re-lit my studio with daylight LED bulbs today (why did I not do that sooner?!) and I’m incredibly pleased with the result. Although it’s still a little chilly in there, I can now work into the wee hours and not have to call it a day when the sun does. Not to mention, I’ll be able to photograph works in progress without setting up all of the shoots outside. I’m also in the throes of a new work, that dusky monochromatic beauty you see below, so my desk is a humble amalgam of thoughts, colors, tools, and test pours. My brain feels somewhat the same, cluttered, but constantly moving.. I’ll organize them both before this painting is through. I’m still working through my adventures with acrylic on my Cricut machine (an adventure worth an entire blog series of it’s own), but I am hopeful that I’ll dial in those settings soon and really be able to accelerate my techniques in that manner. I don’t want to tell you too much now and spoil it, though, so you’ll have to wait to hear more. 


Wild Patterns

I’ve been going crazy for textures and patterns lately. Upon stumbling onto my cache of digital photo collages from my undergrad days (which I uploaded to the gallery, go look!) I found a renewed sense of interest in collecting and squirreling away some of the surfaces I find on my day to day travels. We’ll see what comes of them, but for now, here are a few I’ve found of late..